This reminds me of a classic 80’s song…

This could be the next big thing to replace the lying down game or “planking”.  Lets see if it takes off.

Dog flies face first into couch.

"Walmart baby has seen some shit"

Earthquake in LA… and then this guy’s face.

*UPDATE: Aftershocks…

Because dogs love ice cream…


'Licks of Justice'

Jean Claude Van Damme is back!

Neapolitan Shocker

Neapolitan Shocker

Snow…. "the perfect texture for running"?

Based on the end end of their interview, I find that hard to believe.

Fuck Grand Theft Auto V, I want Goat Simulator!

Forever Alone Home Run

Hopefully Kevin gets to the bottom of this.

Pubic Public

They really need to rename "Wild & Free" to “Gross & Unacceptable”.