We’ve all been there… 

Epic NERF gun review.

They look so much happier.

Accurate representation of big name DJ "sets"

Watch the kid in the background…

Dog vs Bowling Lane

I’ve never seen a dog in a bowling alley, so I never knew what I was missing…. until today.  

Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie)

All Jon Lajoie wants is for this song to be used to sell something — anything!

Everything about this picture is funny.

Everything about this picture is funny.

Remember "Daggering" ?

Well, it syncs up perfectly with WWE wrestling audio.


Llama prancing - your day is now complete

This reminds me of a classic 80’s song…

This could be the next big thing to replace the lying down game or “planking”.  Lets see if it takes off.

Dog flies face first into couch.

"Walmart baby has seen some shit"

Earthquake in LA… and then this guy’s face.

*UPDATE: Aftershocks…